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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Non-Binary Social Relations

Monogamy presents itself as being the best in mutuality
that two people could ever give, and as natural as can be,
though best not ask about the monocultures in which it thrives.

Polygamy is different; How it is seen depends who we listen to.
Women who accept it like the variable arrangements,
some say 'I cope better with the man for just half the week;
their absence the rest of the time leaves me closer to my children
and gives me room to be sociably strong in my own strength'.

The man will say 'I like having wives; I choose what I tell them,
and tell them different things at different times. They don't know
how little they know about me, how opaque I like to seen to be,
they don't even about each other.'. I tell them 'Is ignorance bliss?'
They don't know that is the most they are going to know about me.

And if all that jive does not pass muster then concider
the community shame that is pushed upon the widow
who resists the pressure to remarry. This leaves local women
unreassured that their husbands won't stray. Oh! Jealousy!
Insecurity will make them blame the widow for being 'loose',
but the married men attracted to her will be absolved for lacking self control.

Which then is 'the weaker sex', for being more 'forgiving' under duress? 
Would the gender dynamic be just the same,but reversed, with polyandry?

Being non-heterosexual myself I like to have friends of both genders,
alas too few who are the opposite of me, and a front door to keep the world out.
But I still want to live in a non-procreative, supportive, loose buddy-ship.

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