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Thursday, 3 December 2020

The Zero Gain Sum That 'Representative Democracy' Has To Dismantle

The Rev'd Thomas Malthus

thought he was good at his sums

but he wasn't, and it his chums

in the then-new Conservative Party

who later became the chumps

for following his mathematics,

amid the Corn Laws crisis 

whilst trying to 'buck the market'

in the value of land and basic food

for their backers' personal gain.

The 2020 Conservatives are 

The Party for Wealth and Private Ownership.

For their all being wealthy enough

to all be highly privately educated

they will divide those poorer than them 

between the worthy-whose labour 

directly benefits the party or it's donors. 

and the unworthy poor-who the wealthy 

talk about, as if the were all scroungers 

for whom the last use the rich 

have is to use them as scapegoats.

But in this age of universal franchise*

the poor still have one thing that the Tories 

will always need-their votes in general elections. 

Malthus would have had a heart attack 

at the idea of the universal franchise.

But he would have felt a lot better 

when he saw how well voting intentions 

could be massaged into submission, 

for that ring of political certainty.

*In the UK this has been in operation since 1928,

Whilst there have been parliaments in England since the year 1259, 

Scotland since the year 1326,and Ireland since 1297, and whilst

the English parliament became the UK wide parliament in 1707,

with the Irish Parliament liquidating itself in 1800 and joining 

the UK parliament, the history of the constituents of all four countries

being enfranchised to vote in a representative to represent them 

at the high table of government has a much slower record of reform. 

In 1780 only 2 % of men in England and Scotland had the right 

to vote, and constituencies  were severely unbalanced, 

These parliaments were places where feudal economic values 

and social systems were hammered into shape and made to work 

by whoever was most military minded. 

Only with the third reform act in 1870 was every male householder

added to list of voters, and that still left out men who were names

were not on the deeds of the houses they owned, or women,

and the secrecy of the ballot box was not enacted until 1872.

Even in the twentieth century the British were slow to catch up,

female heads of households got the vote, in 1918, women over 21

got the vote in in 1928, MP's were paid a wage for the first time 

in 1937, allowing poorer people to get elected to represent 

people like them in their constituencies for the first time.


Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Any Way The Wind Blows

 Business and politics are full of 'blowhards',

alpha males steeped in the what is barely legal,

trying hard to make sure that only they are heard

as they push to get only their deals done.

When they get on their soapbox nobody feels clean 

and even fewer know what to do about it, after.

They leave people itching to act and yet trapped

by the words that they are driven by.

Only when the blowhard goes silent 

because he (it is is usually a he) 

has had to take his time to draw breath

can everyone start to ask themselves;

'How much does he actually mean it?'  

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Picture Set Of The Month - December - Ships In The Desert.

These are ships that have been abandoned
and left in the Aralkum Desert.
The Aralkum desert was not always a desert—
dry and rugged as it is now with not a single soul
roving its surface. The wind from the violent dust storms
picks up the salty sand that now covers the ground. 
In fact this area was once the fourth-largest lake in the world.

Fifty years ago, the Aralkum desert was known as the Aral Sea.
A lake half the size of England that sat between Kazakhstan
 and Uzbekistan. The sea was home to a fishing industry
 that produced 50,000 tons of fish which fed more than
 100,000 people across nine different countries.

Now the ships provide shelter for the ships of desert
-the camels who seek shelter from the sun.


Monday, 30 November 2020

And Breathe Out?

Christians have been lambasted 

for their unscientific stupidity 

in these Covid 19 times, 

which have laid waste 

to the liberal consumer economy.

But what disbelievers of Christianity

don't take in is how Covid 19 strikes 

at the very symbols that the faith is built on. 

E.g. How the tactility of a hug shows 

the depth of a personal greeting.

If  our lives are founded

on how God breathed into us 

then how can it be that our breath out

has now become so poisonous to others?

For believers it is like having to re-learn

what 'The Fall' means, all over again

-an infinite immovable existential angst

which is more than 'A mental health problem'.

Those who disbelieve say they follow science,

and yet their science has little effect on politics,

society, social status, and how we are made

to spend our money are all made to work.

All have a contrarian logic built into them. 

Without the right to be contrarian 

societies shrink, and we feel trapped

by our new inconsistency,

when we should have known

that society could always be like that.

Sunday, 29 November 2020

My First Christmas Card Of 2020

An art deco design created in 1930 by Edouard Benedictus
(1865-1930) the man who rather more usefully
invented safety glass, glass that does not shatter
when it breaks, not that he knew what it was going
to be used for in future when he invented it. 


Saturday, 28 November 2020

Mental World Health Crisis; A News Update

 Following the process of the latest US election

now being final and complete, 

the latest pandemic is now digging deep 

into the voters who voted for any of the six 

candidates/teams who stood for president.

America's latest and greatest gift to the world 

is Continuous Hyper-Partial Attention Deficit Disorder

and it is coming to a television and computer 

near you today, with the latest media reports 

on what your government is doing for you. 

Friday, 27 November 2020

Schrodinger's Dumpster

But many a human being is like this too,
as we find with the consistency of their charity.