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Saturday, 25 May 2019

The Currency Of Lies

It is hard to remember, but impossible to forget,
how much life with my family was under-written
by the verbal shorthand of jokes and catchphrases
that were repeated, l-o-n-g after
all the humour had been drained from them.

But worse than that verbal gracelessness
were the lies we traded every day,
often in the name of optimism
when compared with how we talked
there was little to be positive about.

Worst of all was how men lied about sex.
Our lies reached a level where it was
simultaneously exciting, forbidden
(outside of, and often inside, marriage)
and yet everywhere around us, all at once.

All men had to do was think of it,
and the possibility seemed close at hand.

When the local economy tanked
and men had less than the money
they had always expected to make
they made a currency out of cheap sex
outside of marriage, in public toilets.

Men gave themselves bonuses
in this new currency of sex procured by lies
when they were drunk whilst propositioning
other men, or youths, in public toilets
and those around them willingly obliged.

It was thought to be a profitable way
of filling in time after the pubs closed
and before having to go home to the wife.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Engineered Uninterest

Of all the things to get addicted to,
apart from safety itself,
boredom must be the safest.

The great advantage is in the choice;
there are as many ways
of losing interest in what you do
as there are activities to do
that can sustain themselves
whilst we are uninterested in them.

With such a wide field of play,
and active engagement the biggest temptation
the biggest light entertainers of the world
are always having to up their game
to passively capture your attention
to make sure that short of pornhub
they are what bores us to death the best. 

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Abnormailty Is Us

When we witness insanity
in how other people behave
there is little that we can do.

We could join in and pretend
that we are not behaving as we are.
We can turn away from it,
knowing that it will still be there
when we choose to look back.

What we cannot do is stop it
and for our own sake,
and the benefit of others,
make the world we live in
stable without making
a false normality out it.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Whatever You Change, Change Nothing

I don't understand politics today,
as they are going on in my country.

I don't understand the point of my vote.

The older the party
the less effective their leader,
and still they expect
to command the respect
from 'the average voter'.

The newer the party
the smaller and less stable it is,
and the simpler the message.

Many small parties
are just small step up
from being a pressure group,
or a collection of lobbyists.

The smaller the party
the more their function
is less to see their policies enacted, intact,
and more to frighten the larger parties
into adopting weak versions
of the smaller parties radicalism,
which in reality will change nothing.

Is their life within green-wash?
gay-wash? and grey-wash?
And other pretend-inclusive policies?

I doubt it, but it is the mission
of democracy to test ideas to extinction.    

Monday, 20 May 2019

Putting The 'less' into Hope

The less we have to fear
the less we have to hope for
or be pushed into desiring,
beyond our great declining.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Vote For.....

Because the nobody candidate
represents the wants of the electorate
when they are at the most coherent and clear.