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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Mind The Gap

It has long been known
that high levels of poverty
and inequality are quite sustainable,
in wealthy westernised economies.
Particularly when the leaders of a country
have mastered the art of using statistics
which are compiled to mislead the public
into the belief that wealth is spreading
whilst the reverse is nearer the truth.

When the poverty gap stretches far enough
and over long enough period of time, 
the only question left
is by how much will the gap
between rich and poor extend
before it becomes so hardened
that it is permanent,
and no amount of change
will make government
more honest or likeable, ever again.    

Saturday, 21 May 2022

When No Price Is Good Enough

Popular ideas that don't work
or rather don't work as described.
Where they do work, they work for the few
in ways that are immune to regulation;
'the art market' is a place
where many are encouraged to believe
that they can paint, and to have ideas
about what represents 'creativity',
but creativity is not what sells.

If the test of the definition of a painting
is the ability to sell it for a decent price
then that is where most art comes unstuck;
there are too many who paint and ideas are cheap,
and where the work fails the most is the price;
give it away and people outright refuse it,
put a low price on a work and buyers are suspicious.
Put a high price on your work and then
watch other people say 'That is the right price,
but for somebody else other than me to buy it.'.

When paintings sell for millions
they are no longer bought
for what is on the canvas;
they are bought and sold
as insurance policies
against monetary inflation.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

The Fake News Agenda

is not just a sign that the media is bored
by the limits of reporting quotidian reality,
it is the all-year round April Fool approach
towards sharing what constitutes itself as news,
where commentators, keen to shock the public,
can only surprise them with lies,
which they mostly don't realise
are a clear sign of their boredom
with making so much money.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Saying Less With Good Reason

In a world where sophistry multiplies hypocrisy
beyond any depth that we can conceive,
words become the traps that they were designed to be.

In that world virtue means observing whilst saying less.
We reflect before we act to the point where we we do not react,
but we accept appearing to be inert, whilst actually not being.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Picture Set Of The Month - May - The Paintings Of Maurice Wade

'Bridges over Canal' painted in 1976 by British artist
Maurice Wade(1917 -1991).
'The Bridge' by Maurice Wade

'.........dream and actuality' by British artist Maurice Wade
(1917 -1991).

'Canal at Middleport' painted in 1976 by British Maurice Wade

Sunday, 24 April 2022

A Very Bad Joke

Q-what do you call a non-judgemental
form of a yoga-type exercise?

A-Pontius Pilates....