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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Breeding Insanity

Nearly no human I know who has chosen to not breed
has done it for the purest reason; after 10,000 years
humans beings have made themselves the apex
of the world food chain, and through want and waste
we are destroying the planet faster than we realize.
When our reason is unreasoning what is there left to say?
In the mid 20th century in the richest counties
the standard narrative for resisting having children
was the fear of shame for any life for an adult
outside of wedlock, and it affected women most.
Sheer poverty was most co-equal as a way
of discouraging parenting, which had the bonus
of empowering the rich to greater self indulgence.
The more deeply the next generation could be marked
with the same fears the more the virtue of relative solvency
within a patriarchal parenthood was reinforced.
I remember those lessons, the onus was always on women
to make sure sure they stayed on the straight and narrow.
Whilst men gave each other the right to carouse all they could afford.

Earlier in 20th century insanity, being a mental defective,
and being declared a hereditary criminal were the standard
justifications for thousands of women to be involuntarily sterilized,
under the emerging laws of eugenics. The case for it was proven
beyond doubt in a court of law in Virginia, Buck vs Bell 1927.

After the excesses of the The Third Reich,
who defended themselves at Nuremberg
by quoting the U.S. sterilizations of the 1920s, 
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948
did not stop nation states continuing with the practice.
It merely swept the worst excesses under the carpet,
as if the last 2000 years of religious patriarchy
that had limited women's autonomy to breed
had been right, and never mind the reasons why.

Now, if as an individual you should ask your doctor
to help you to never to have children, you can't tell them
the truth, or use philosophical, ethical or ecological reasoning.
Medical reasoning is what they respond to,
and rarely self diagnosed mental health at that.

So if you do see parenthood as breeding insanity
then don't ask your doctor, with their secular amorality,
to help keep you sane and keep you from having children
-the more you try using reason the more contrary
and resistant to your wish they will become,
until they have quietly transferred the power of life
and death away from you and put it out of your reach.
They will put it, and want to keep it, In State Hands.

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